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SILENCERSIndustrial Silencer

Five factors go into properly selecting an industrial silencer:

1. Type

2. Service

3. Configuration

4. Performance

5. Size

With years of experience and thousands of field tested acoustic solutions, our sales and engineering staff can quickly provide you with the proper product selection to best serve your application needs.

Industrial SilencerProGENTEX silencers are manufactured in the United States of America from only the highest quality materials. We maintain an extensive inventory of industrial silencers, enabling us to solve many noise problems with stock solutions. Whether you require a small, carbon steel stock silencer or a large, stainless steel custom design, we have the experience and dedication to assist you.

Dissipative or absorptive silencers are annular silencers designed to allow air to pass straight through a perforated tube that is surrounded by sound absorbing acoustic packing material. Dissipative silencers are especially effective at reducing high frequency noise.

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Reactive or chambered silencers are multi-chambered silencers utilizing a special arrangement of expansion chambers and perforated tubes to reduce noise. Reactive silencers are especially effective at reducing broad-band, low frequency noise.

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Dissipative/Reactive or combination silencers are multi-chambered silencers designed to combine the high frequency acoustic packing of a dissipative silencer with the low frequency chamber/tube configuration of a reactive silencer. The resulting combination provides excellent broad-band, low and high frequency noise attenuation.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our industrial products or to locate our authorized agent in your area. A member of our experienced staff will be eager to provide all the necessary information.

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